Marketing & Copywriting

cop·y – noun:  the text of a news story, web page, advertisement, brochure, news release, television commercial, etc., as distinguished from related visual material.

Think of your copy as a winning athlete, known for making an impact. Does your copy do this? Or does it meekly tap on the shoulder of your prospect, almost apologetically asking for the sale?

Strong copywriting will make a difference not only on your website, but with all your communication tools such as press releases, brochures and more. You want copy that grabs the attention of your potential customer.

But copy isn’t the only consideration.

Your customer is overwhelmed by information. They’re looking for a solution. As a copywriter, I will create your copy to clearly present that solution, helping them find answers. Your copy needs to guide them toward making the right choice, which we know, is your product or service.

Let me help by creating copy that will show them your product or service is exactly what they need.


  • Copywriting

I specialize in: Web Copy, Sales Letters, Press Releases, Direct Mail, Case Studies, White Papers — I know the time-tested copywriting principles that will get you results. Want increased web traffic? Higher web conversions? Better metrics for direct response campaigns? I can help.

  • Email Marketing Campaigns

Most businesses use email campaigns in their marketing strategy, but are your emails targeted? I will help you develop an email campaign strategy that will utilize strong messaging with irresistible headers to create emails that get a response!

  • Desktop Publishing Design

I provide graphics and designs for newsletters, eBooks, manuals, reports, and more. – Share your expertise with others.

Why not contact me today? The conversation is free and ideas will flow. Let’s take your copy to the next level, together.