The Business of Outdoor Recreation: Create an Event

Spring is fast approaching and with it, a palpable anticipation to enjoy the outdoors. If you have an outdoor recreation business, now is the time to capitalize on that, if you’ve not already started.

Recently, the Pocono Mountains Visitor’s Bureau decided to capitalize on all the sporting events that are hosted in their area by dubbing themselves, “Outdoor Adventure Sports Capitol of  the East.” Since they recently hosted the Ironman, the largest triatholon brand in the country, it was a good call. They leveraged the interest into building post-events and opportunities to tour the area.

If you’re looking to increase your exposure, consider hosting a fun event. Advertise locally but also search for industry magazines, both online and in print. Use LinkedIn to find media connections and learn how to pitch your idea for a story. (Remember: the story needs to be newsworthy, so think about why your event would appeal to their audience, whether it’s for print, radio, television, or the Internet.)

If you already live in a city where there are plenty of events already occurring, leverage it by hooking your wagon to their stars. Look for joint partnerships or sponsorships that make sense. For instance, if you operate a hunting and fishing business, look for opportunities with RV Shows or camping guides. Their audience will most likely be yours.

Events take work but the payoffs are huge. People enjoy them and often look forward to the next one. Adding a bit of silliness to an event (i.e., for fishing: Ugliest Catch) will also keep it fun and memorable. You can also use an event as a reason to build up anticipation by offering special classes or sales discounts.

Opportunity awaits! Create your own unique event, promote it smartly, and you’ll be rewarded!


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