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Why Top Golf Is a Brilliant Answer to Golf Woes

The business of golf is suffering. Consider that according to the National Golf Association, the number of golfers fell about 3% nationally in 2008 from 2007, while the number of “core golfers” — those who play eight or more rounds … Continue reading

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3 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Golf Website

I visit a lot of websites. Over the past 16 years, I’ve noticed what grabs my attention and what doesn’t. What grabs my attention? Clarity. Clarity comes in all shapes and sizes. Clarity with design, copy, bonus offers — all … Continue reading

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The #1 Way to Kill Customer and Partner Relationships

Recently I emailed a business contact to ask a question. I had emailed him before, seven weeks prior, to be exact, but did not hear back from him. So in the course of seven weeks, I emailed him twice and … Continue reading

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Taking Paul Simon’s Lead: How to Shine the Spotlight On Your Customer

Photo: YouTube Paul Simon recently wowed a concert crowd — not by weaving his usual musical magic, but by doing something completely unexpected. A woman in the audience asked him to play “Duncan,” which she said was the very first … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Add Consistency to Your Business

Entrepreneurs are my favorite kind of people. They are passionate about what they do and filled with exciting new ideas to implement. They keep up with the trends and are usually involved with life on many different levels. You can … Continue reading

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Marketing Means Nothing Without Great Customer Service

I could just leave it at that, but I’ll elaborate. There are many businesses that run ads with happy, smiling employees who are eager to serve you, even employing a … ahem, smiley face to really emphasize the sunny disposition … Continue reading

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How to Differentiate Yourself From the Competition

Recently, I heard a story about a car mechanic that had more business than he could handle. His business was in a large metropolitan area, with plenty of other garages competing for the same business. How did he do it? … Continue reading

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If Sir Richard Branson Can Do It, Why Not You?

The “it” is self-motivation. Self-motivation is a necessary tool for any success, but especially for the entrepreneur. There are days when you wonder if you’re ever going to get your idea off the ground, if anyone is ever going to … Continue reading

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