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Marketing Smart: How to Know Your Target Market

Recently, I’ve been noticing a pattern among business owners when I ask them about their target market. They don’t know their target market. There are two ways in which many business owners do not know their target market: They have … Continue reading

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The Business of Outdoor Recreation: Create an Event

Spring is fast approaching and with it, a palpable anticipation to enjoy the outdoors. If you have an outdoor recreation business, now is the time to capitalize on that, if you’ve not already started. Recently, the Pocono Mountains Visitor’s Bureau … Continue reading

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Twitter Tips: Firehouse Subs Has A ‘Code Three’ For Customer Service!

Owning a successful franchise can be a very satisfying experience, but also is filled with challenges. You only have so much freedom to experiment with your own management approach because you’re ultimately expected to duplicate a consistently enjoyable experience to … Continue reading

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3 Lessons Small Businesses Can Learn From the Netflix Fiasco

If you’ve not heard, Netflix decided a few weeks ago to nix its plans to split its mail-order DVD and Internet-streaming services. This decision is yet another awkward decision to halt complaints from its customers while building a business strategy … Continue reading

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How to Rock Your Groupon Special Deal

You have a brick and mortar business. You’re using Groupon or Daily Deals or some such to entice new customers to visit your fabulous location and hope they’ll become regular customers. What will make or break you? Visuals: This includes … Continue reading

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Listening To Your Customer

Years ago, I discovered I could get paid to be a part of a market research group. I found a few in my area and signed up. Over the course of the past two years, I’ve watched political ads, tested … Continue reading

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Why Top Golf Is a Brilliant Answer to Golf Woes

The business of golf is suffering. Consider that according to the National Golf Association, the number of golfers fell about 3% nationally in 2008 from 2007, while the number of “core golfers” — those who play eight or more rounds … Continue reading

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The #1 Way to Kill Customer and Partner Relationships

Recently I emailed a business contact to ask a question. I had emailed him before, seven weeks prior, to be exact, but did not hear back from him. So in the course of seven weeks, I emailed him twice and … Continue reading

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Taking Paul Simon’s Lead: How to Shine the Spotlight On Your Customer

Photo: YouTube Paul Simon recently wowed a concert crowd — not by weaving his usual musical magic, but by doing something completely unexpected. A woman in the audience asked him to play “Duncan,” which she said was the very first … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Add Consistency to Your Business

Entrepreneurs are my favorite kind of people. They are passionate about what they do and filled with exciting new ideas to implement. They keep up with the trends and are usually involved with life on many different levels. You can … Continue reading

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