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My New Hair Stylist Said The Sweetest Two Words to Me

Women and their hair… Men can joke about how women spend an inordinate amount of time and money on styling their hair, but they simply don’t realize how difficult it is to find a good hair stylist. Just this past … Continue reading

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Firehouse Subs Scores With Service Recovery!

In my previous post, I expressed a dissatisfaction with Firehouse Subs customer service, or what I perceived as a lack of service. A few updates: Firehouse Subs did something that many businesses do not do. They contacted me. They used … Continue reading

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Twitter Tips: Firehouse Subs Has A ‘Code Three’ For Customer Service!

Owning a successful franchise can be a very satisfying experience, but also is filled with challenges. You only have so much freedom to experiment with your own management approach because you’re ultimately expected to duplicate a consistently enjoyable experience to … Continue reading

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Small Business: Don’t Make the Same Mistake As Starbucks

Recently, a few disgruntled Starbucks baristas have been making the headlines. Whether it’s creating a video about rude customers that went viral or resorting to writing an unflattering term on someone’s cup, Starbucks is failing to deliver their “legendary” customer … Continue reading

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Listening To Your Customer

Years ago, I discovered I could get paid to be a part of a market research group. I found a few in my area and signed up. Over the course of the past two years, I’ve watched political ads, tested … Continue reading

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How to Differentiate Yourself From the Competition

Recently, I heard a story about a car mechanic that had more business than he could handle. His business was in a large metropolitan area, with plenty of other garages competing for the same business. How did he do it? … Continue reading

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